We are real practicing dentists who have a passion for giving pre-dental, dental students, and new dentists the unfiltered information they need to succeed and thrive in dentistry. We’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to want to be a dentist, travel down the road of education, and then embark on a career in dentistry.

Along the way we’ve seen success and we’ve had some failures.  There are things we would do again and there are things we don’t want to see anyone repeat.  We share it all —unvarnished— because we want to help you become the best person and the best dental professional you can possibly be!

Enjoy our site.  Read our posts.  Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  We want to hear from you and help you.  We are Dental Realist.

Marcus Neff DDS, Troy Stevens DDS, and Ryder Waldron DDS


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