Episode 33 – Retirement Age is Increasing and Is the ADA Doing Anything To Help?

According to the American Dental Association, the retirement age of dentists is increasing and we discuss why we think this is, what dentists and future dentists can do to avoid a later retirement, and what the ADA can do to help.

We also breakdown a recent ADA.org interview with incoming ADA president Dr. Jeffrey Cole. What are his biggest concerns about the profession of dentistry? Does he have any solutions? What are his goals for his one-year presidency? What do we think the ADA should really do? How does this affect dentists and future dentists?

We start the show by talking about an insurance issue that Dr. Stevens had this week and how it can affect other dentists’ offices.

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Episode 2 – The Importance of Controlling Debt

In this podcast we discuss many facets of debt that are facing dentists today:

– Good vs. Bad Debt (Necessary vs. Unnecessary)

– R.O.I. (Return on Investment)

– Educational Debt

– Business Debt

– Personal Debt

– Income outlook to service the debt

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